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This halter is seriously ADORABLE!!
This halter is really different because it has the snap closure and the snap on the throat part. This halter is technically horse sized, but I've gotten it to fit a TEENY 12 hand pony. So could go cob, over-sized, whatever. They are REALLY, REALLY adjustable!!


Well butter my butt and call me biscuit, this halter is AMAZING!

Saffron Hillary

Oh, that is the cutest halter in history!

Meghan McFerren

I'm getting purple ones for my daughter -doing a little happy dance to find PURPLE ZEBRA - FINALLY!!!!!!

Linette Guilette

Your halters are super cute!
Definitely ordering one when I get my horse. wink

Mackenzie Wilson

These are absolutely the cutest halters I have EVER seen!!! Love them!!!!!

Jamie Leigh Buice

Your items are adorable! I love it!

Sarah Bridges

Thanks SO much for my new halter!!!
I love it!! It's so gorgeous, and I love the snap, it really makes the halter look tidy. smile I'm officially a convert to Sun Horse halters. The snap buckle is perfect for under his fly mask since it doesn't interfere or anything. The halter is adorable!

Abbey Good

Beautiful Halters
Nothing else to say, just beautiful halters!

Amaryllis Ranch

I took my halter to my showjumping finals and EVERYONE adored it and would NOT stop complimenting it! Because of you, Sun Horse, my horse got so many treats by looking so cute in the halter! Therefore he loves y'all just as I do!

Saffron Hillary

I love the cute designs
I have never seen halters so unique before. All of the patterns and colors really stand out.

Christine Ruggles, Texas


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